Yes, that’s me…right there…with the “I am happy with who I am!” sign!  That’s me with the cellulite, double chin, and lovely fat rolls hidden behind the sign.  Never EVER thought I would be sitting here sharing my vulnerability to the world but here I am!  Never have I been a thin person.  Close to thin a time or two but never a constant.  But you know what?  I have finally embraced my curves…I own them…I work them.

 A great friend of mine and an amazing fellow photog (Keyla Jones of  www.gracemichaelphotography.com)  approached me about a project she is doing called “I Am Not Ashamed: Embrace the Curves”.  It’s about loving yourself, not being ashamed of how you look and believing in yourself.  Now, let me tell you at first I wasn’t too sure how I felt about being in my bathing suit in front of the camera and sharing with all of you my physical faults, but after I thought it through, I decided this is a no brainer!  This isn’t just for myself but for my two daughters who I want to raise to be confident women.  I don’t want them to ever doubt their self-worth based on opinions of others or how the world views they should look. 

I was bullied in school, amongst peers and even around people who love me.  Being told you are fat and ugly is something that penetrates and cuts so deep.  I can’t tell you that the scars and pain are not still there but what I can tell you is they are faint slivers of a once insecure young girl who grew into a confident women who no longer walks around with her head down hoping to not be looked at with a disgusted glare but with her head held high, working these curves, wanting more.   It took time, it took support and love from my family and friends and it for sure took life’s lessons but here I am, defined by who I am and NOT by a number on the scale.

My story doesn’t end here, friends.  It’s just the beginning of more to come.  As you read this, I want you to know that I do realize the need to be healthy and of course the most important…a great example to my children.  So even though I have come to a point in my life that I’ve embraced my curves, I have also come to the “T” in the road.  It’s time for me to make that turn to a healthier me.  So here’s to the next chapter of my life!  Oh and I must say, KEYLA JONES, get ready…because once I achieve the “healthier me”, get your camera out because I’ll be workin’ it!

To the bullies: Eat your heart out! 🙂

I must add a HUGE thank you to my awesome partner-in-crime, Michelle Archer of Glamify & Heart and Soul avant~garde (www.heartandsoulag.com), for her superb rock-star styling and killer ninja make-up abilities…  ❤ you gurl! 🙂


Michelle Foley is a professional photographer capturing the essence of emotion in all things life…

To learn more about Rylee Madison Photography, please check out her website and facebook page for the latest and greatest at:





info@ryleemadisonphotography.com * 317.223.5184


Portrait was captured from a couples boudoir session…absolutley love boudoir and especially couple boudoir.  Being able to capture the essence of two people in~love is a blessing.


To check out Evoking You…go to www.evokingyou.com   (sorry, couldn’t get the “button” to work!)


Ladies & Gentleman, I would like to introduce…

~Come Hither~


A flirty and unique experience celebrating the Beauty of Women and Love.

Boudoir and Pin Up style!

Featuring you, couples or a fun girls day!

Your session will be designed to flaunt your style no matter how much or how little you wish to reveal.

Reserve your hour and 15 minute spot today before time runs out!

May 6th & 7th – $275

This is a one-time only special!

Why should CELEBRITIES have all the fun?

Champagne, Chocolate Covered Strawberries & SWAG!

Photography – Michelle Foley

AKA Rylee Madison Photography

Styling ~ Michelle Archer of Glamify

Each session includes:

  • one hour and 15 minutes of YOU time.
  •  SWAG bag of specialty items from amazing vendors who believe you deserve the best!
  • 5 best digital images on CD with custom case to preserve your images

Also available: Custom “little black book” of your images elegantly displayed to always remember your day of glamour.  Additional $125

To reserve:

Contact Michelle Foley at: 317.223.5184 or email at michelle@ryleemadisonphotography.com

Only $50 retainer to reserve your spot.  50% of balance due at time of shoot, remaining balance due at delivery of CD and/or “little black book”.

Spots are limited!  Book soon!


I am so beyond excited about this amazing {couple} boudoir session.  I have been dying to capture this awesome couple and finally we made it happen!  They are so brave and so incredibly gracious to allow their love to be captured for everyone to see.  I am forever grateful to them for allowing me to capture this story for them.  Boudoir is a favorite of mine.  I love the sexy-ness of it, yet it’s still tasteful and romantic.  It is my hope that you will love the images and the couple as much as I do.  Bravo to them.

If you are ever interested in a {couple} boudior session or just a boudoir session on your own, I will be holding a marathon May 6th and 7th at my studio, which is where this session was held.  More information will be available soon; however, if you would like to reserve your spot now (they will go fast!) feel free to contact me at anytime! michelle@ryleemadisonphotography.com.

I must give a shout out to Michelle Archer for her amazing styling for this session!  She made them look like rock-stars!  Not that they aren’t already, but a little Michelle touch makes magic! ❤

Please enjoy the video!  Share and love it too! 🙂

(click the link below to view video…more images have been added as well!)


Another fun give-a-way for you!  This time it’s an engagement session!  Engagement sessions are never boring or ordinary!  You’ll spend a couple of hours with me at all my favorite spots and yours!  The engagement session includes: hair and makeup touch up, stylist, and ME! 🙂  So if you enjoy being pampered and are dying to have pictures of you and your fiance, ENTER to win!

How to enter???

1. MUST become a fan of Rylee Madison Photography

2. Change your facebook status to “I’m entering to win an AWESOME engagement session with Rylee Madison Photography!” (be sure to tag us in your status!!)

3. Comment on Rylee Madison Photography’s fan page that you want to win!

4. Send a brief summary to me why you feel you deserve to win this fun engagement session along with 2 fun pictures of you, the awesome couple! to: michelle@ryleemadisonphotography.com

Winner will be chosen April 1st.  Entries MUST be received March 26th.  Must be 18 years old or older.  Must be available in the Indianapolis area for session.


Please note: engagement session will be based on the availability of Rylee Madison Photography and session is not transferable nor exchangeable for other services or cash.

I am so excited and ready for all of the great portrait sessions and weddings coming up this year!  I have so many ideas brewing and I can’t wait to begin shooting!  Especially now that I have a studio (eek!)  I just want to snap away!  To kick off the season and to show off the new studio, I’m holding a mini-session marathon! 


Where: Stutz Building (will give exact location and direction upon booking)

When: SUNDAY, MARCH 27th!!  – 30 minute sessions starting at 2pm with the last session at 6pm.

Cost: $150 and includes: session time, CD of images custom edited with copyright release

How to Book: $50 deposit to reserve spot via paypal, $50 at session time due, $50 due at deliver of images.

What kind of session can we have? Family, maternity, boudoir, rock the dress, couples/engagement, just for fun.

Want more than 30 minutes shooting time? Book 2 sessions!!  Book more than one session receive 5 – 5×7 images on elegant fine art linen professional paper in addition to the CD of images.

To book your time, contact Michelle Foley at:

michelle@ryleemadisonphotography.com or 317.223.5184

Times will fill up fast so reserve your spot soon! 🙂  Could make great Mother’s Day gifts too! 

I’m so excited and can’t wait for your session! 


Well not really a chicken dinner but a very cool “petite session”!  Launching Rylee Madison Photography is a huge mile stone and I am so excited to share my happiness with you!  After all it’s because of all of YOU that I am moving forward.  Your support is endless and I can’t even begin to thank you enough!

So to start the big give-a-ways, I’d love to announce that the winner (at random) of the petite session give-a-way is:

Tammy Frost! 

Congrats Tammy!  I will contact you soon about more details!

BUT THAT’S NOT IT!!!!  Here’s the deal, I LOVE to give so I’m also giving the following participants a $50 credit towards a petite session or full session!  This can be used towards the sitting fee, package, or product!


Amy Adkins Royce, Lora Pennington, Michelle Archer, Jamie Tewell Hogan, Stephanie Crabtree, Brooke Nickells, Sara Fluke, Shannon Binkley, Sarah Boggs Conrad, Shaunda Belcher and Kristy Kolb Miller!!!

It pays to participate!!  I will be announcing the next give-a-way TOMORROW!!!  Stay tuned and spread the word!

~ Michelle

I’m excited to start a new blog and actually be dedicated to it!  I’ll be honest, blogging is not a strong aspect for me but I plan to work on that!  This is the start of blogging for me and there will be some changes along the way.  I’m actually in the process of building a different blog site BUT it’s not ready.  So, in the meantime, I quickly put this FREE blog together so I am able to communicate with YOU better! 

Let’s begin by writing that RYLEE MADISON PHOTOGRAPHY is launched!  WOOHOO!  It officially launched last Friday, March 11, 2011.  All sorts of new things are happening!  New wedding packages and the best part is that EVERY wedding package comes with a TIFFANY & Co. heart locket pendant.  Seriously, what girl doesn’t want that adorbale little blue box? 

Next, I now have a studio!  Another WHOO HOO!  It’s awesomely brilliant!  It’s a part-time studio for me as it’s shared with other photogs but it’s perfect and you will love it too! 

The studio!

Another change…sessions, no longer will you decide on what package you want to go with at the shoot, you will decided AFTER the shoot at your ordering session.  After the session, when the images are edited and ready for you to view, we will meet for you to see your awesome portraits!

There will be many announcements along the way of transition from Michelle Foley Photography to Rylee Madison Photography.  It will be great and you will benefit!  SO be sure to stalk my blog and fan my facebook page!  Love you all!!!

Love and happiness!

Michelle Foley